The room may only be reserved 90 days out.


Groups that cancel with less than 24 hour notice will not be reimbursed.

Person using/booking the room must be 21 years or older.

Library reserves the right to change or cancel any meeting if circumstances so demand.

Access to the Community Room prior to 10:00am may be arranged with the Librarian in Charge.

Library prohibits open flame.

Library prohibits deep fat fryers.

Library prohibits the use of alcohol, drugs or smoking.

Library prohibits liquids, including ice cream, placed in thrash.

Library prohibits the use of tape on the walls.

Guide/Service dogs are the only animals allowed.

Events held in the Community Room must not disturb normal Library operations.

Library will provide a limited number of tables and chairs.

No entity shall imply in their announcements or advertisements that the Library sponsors, promotes or endorses their product or services.

Please leave the room, including Restrooms, the way you found it.


The Library Board can and will assess a fee if the above conditions are not met.

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